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The world of candle making is fraught with good intentions, bad advice and total confusion for anyone new.

I have been making container candles for quite some time, but I remember well my very first experience. Just like many of you I thought all that was needed was a kit with some wax, a wick, a fragrance oil and a container. Heat it up, bang in the oil, quick stir, pour into a container, add the wick and Hey Presto!


I ended up with a wonky wicked candle that had absolutely no fragrance when I lit it. Even worse, the wick burned against the glass container which then shattered, covering my worktop with molten wax. What a mess!

That’s when I started to research.

There are so many different waxes, so many different wicks. How do you know which fragrance oils will work? Do I even NEED to add an oil? What colour can I make my candle? How do I do that? (Hint: NOT with wax crayons!)

Here I hope to dispel some of the myths, explain the differences in waxes and generally give as much help as I can to anyone who would love to learn how to make good candles.

It is not a cheap hobby. Despite the recent influx of people wanting to get their own candles on the market (TV programmes have a lot to answer for) there is NO quick fix, NO instant perfection and NO easy way. Candles need practice and testing (lots of testing). It will cost you money and much of that money will be wasted whilst you work to find the best possible combination for your product.  If you want an instant product that you can make and sell in a week then perhaps candle making is not for you!

Have a look around via the links at the top of the page. Each one will cover a different aspects of candle making. Almost every post will end with TEST which is part of the procedure that should never be skipped and cannot be stressed enough.

Ask questions, read the answers, but most of all practice and enjoy the experience. Making candles is difficult but it is also great fun!

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